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MILLAC Gold Whipping, Cooking & Pouring Cream 1 Litre

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Millac Whipping, Cooking & Pouring Cream made from a blend of vegetable fat, cream and buttermilk for whipping and cooking. Millac Gold whips up to three times its original volume, which is 50% more than dairy creams, and has a longer storage life. Tastes as good as fresh cream with consistent results in cooking.

#This high-performance cream allows you to:
#Whip up beautiful desserts with high yield and excellent stability
#Difficult to overwhip or split
#Can be re—whipped, if needed
#Stable with acidic ingredients, no curdling
#Great yield, whips up to 3 times its volume
#Thickens just like dairy cream
#Stable at high temperatures, no splitting
#Create tantalizing beverages with ease
#Make foam toppers; remains stable once whipped
#Great in gas whippers; stable rosettes, firm structure
Effortless, affordable, delicious. Make every day special.  

Brand : Millac

Weight : 1 Litre / Packed

              12 Packet / 1 Carton

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