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GOURMESSA Thueringer Cheese Smoked Sausage 240 gm / 1 kg

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Gourmessa Thueringer Cheese Smoked is a coarse ground beef summer sausage similar to hard salami or summer sausage. The Thueringer sausage excels with the addition of generous amounts of whole white peppercorns. As with all of Usinger's semi dried summer sausages, days are spent slowly smoking over hardwood slabs in our old-fashioned brick smokehouses.  The distinctive tangy flavor combined with the peppercorns makes this a sensational sausage. 

Gourmessa is a producer of premium quality, no mechanical deboned meat (MDM) food product, marketed under the brand name GOURMESSA™. It is very well known in the retail markets and is well positioned in the leading hypermarkets nationwide. Our premium products range also provides renowned hotels, upmarket restaurants and gourmet caterers with the very best in quality and consistency.

Gourmessa cold cuts may be served cold, fried, grilled or barbequed and used in sandwich, snacks, pastas, salads and etc.

Brand : Gourmessa

Packing : 240 gm / 1kg


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